Photo Restorations

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'It Takes a Village 2'
A colourization of my previous restore (It Takes a Village).
'It Takes a Village'
1930 - Common Villagers Restoration
'Band of Brothers'
I still really struggle with skin tones on image colouring. It's getting better but not where I want it obviously.
'Six Pack'
A little Saturday photo restoration ..... still some flaws but close enough for practice. This restore was also done live on my Twitch TV stream.
'Young Love'
Another restore. This one took a little longer. Lots of little missing pieces.
'A New Man'
Giving an old hobby another go. Haven't done a restore in a few years so a little rusty. Not perfect but not too bad. Need to do a couple more practice ones.
'My First Haircut'
This is an image colouring of an actual photo of myself getting my very first haircut from my grandfather.
'Hey, Pilgrim'
An image colouring I did for a friend about 6 years ago.
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